Is the Roam 350 waterproof?

The remote is not waterproof and any bulk water exposure should be avoided.

We plan to release a fully waterproof collar in the future. The current collar will resist all types of water exposure other than full submersion. If your dog regularly swims with their electronic training collar on, then our collar may not survive. But for rain, splashing or rolling in puddles or streams, or washing off with a hose, our collar is perfect!

Does this work with multiple dogs?

Currently, the system works with one collar per remote. We will be releasing multi-dog functionality in early June 2024. At that time, one remote will be able to control up to 3 collars. The current product is forward compatible, and will only need a firmware update to add more collars to the remote. When released, we will be selling add-on collars and multi-collar kits.

How does AUTOPROX work?

With AUTOPROX activated, when the dog reaches the boundary they will receive a warning “tone” and if they don’t return towards you after 2 warning tones, they will receive a firm correction (static or vibration, depending on the settings you choose on the remote). As soon as the dog begins to return to you, even if they are outside of the boundary, the corrections will stop. This ensures the dog isn't being corrected for proper behavior (returning to you).

Is static correction safe?

The Roam 350 offers 4 levels of static correction, OFF, Low, Medium, and High. Compared to the collars on the market that offer 128 levels, ours are approximately equivalent to levels 20, 30, and 60 for Low, Medium, and High. As an added layer of assurance, every time the remote is powered on, the static level defaults to OFF so there's no chance of accidentally delivering static correction. When OFF, the collar will only provide tone and vibration.

I'd rather not use Static Correction. Will it still work without it?

Static correction is not required to use the Roam 350 effectively. When the remote powers on, static correction is off by default. With it off, the dog will still receive a warning tone at the boundary. But, the "firm correction" will be a vibration instead of static. Vibration can be just as effective as static for some dogs.

Will this fit my dog?

The Roam 350 is sold with 2 different strap lengths.

Medium Collar: Adjustable length from 12" to 17"
Large Collar: Adjustable length from 15" to 24"

We suggest measuring the length of your dog's existing collar to determine the collar size you need.

The body of the collar is larger than other collars out there due to the tech we had to pack in there. It's roughly 3.5" long, 2" tall, 1.5" thick.

How does this compare to other collars out there?

The Roam 350 by Heel is the only electronic training collar with boundaries centered around you, while on the go. It has all of the same features as other manual training collars, but with the added benefit of automatic correction at the boundary you set. The Roam 350 is not a fence, rather it's a boosted training collar. And unlike the GPS collars out there, the remote talks directly to the collar, so no phone, cell plan, or subscription fee is required.

How did you guys do this if the "big dogs" haven't done it yet?

The core technology in the Roam 350 is far more complex than other pet technology. We have successfully implemented this technology in other industries, but for working with dogs, significant investment in hardware and software was needed. And we don't plan on stopping. Our product roadmap includes several new products delivering first-of-its-kind features for the most active dog owners out there!

What is your Return Policy?

We accept returns within 30 days, hassle free. Product must be in working condition.
Customer pays a flat fee of $20 to cover return shipping and handling, we send you the label.
Refunds will be processed to original payment method within 3 business days of us receiving, inspecting, and approving the returned product.
No refunds on non-returnable products.

What is your Warranty?

The full warranty is provided here: https://heel.dog/policies/terms-of-service. In summary, the warranty protects you against defects in materials and workmanship for 1 year, but excludes wear and tear and water damage if misused.

Also note, our parent company has been in business since 1955, so we will be here to serve you.