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ROAM 350™

ROAM 350™

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  • All the features of a training collar plus Autoprox™, a first of its kind proximity-based tech that automatically keeps your dog close while you're on the go.
  • Designed to go off-grid. Requires no phone, GPS, cellular or subscription.
  • 5 Autoprox™ Boundary Settings: 10 ft, 25 ft, 75 ft, 150 ft, ~750 ft.
  • Manual correction range of over 350 yards (1050 ft). 
  • Visual Assurance LED on both Remote and Collar provides confirmation to bystanders that the system is active.
  • 2-way communication provides visual and tactile feedback on the remote so you know when your dog is pushing the boundary. 
  • System Status shown on the remote to confirm connection and battery status. 
  • Collar is water resistant (don't submerge). Remote is Splash Resistant (avoid water exposure). 
  • Recharges with any USB-C power source, with batteries that last for days in Autoprox™ mode, and over a week in manual mode.
  • ROAM 350™ includes 1 Remote with Lanyard, 1 Collar with Water Resistant Strap, Dual-Port Wall Charger with 2 Cables, Short and Long Contact Points, Test Light, Weather Resistant Storage Bag, and User Manual.
  • This product and the underlying technology is Patent Pending.


Medium Collar: Adjustable length from 12" to 17"
Large Collar: Adjustable length from 15" to 24"

We suggest measuring the length of your dog's existing collar to determine the collar size you need.

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